Welcome to Poncho Palz Official Blog

One day, my daughter and I were at the park. We love the outdoors, but suddenly the weather turned ugly. Out of nowhere, it started to rain heavily. My car was parked far from us. We ran back to my car dripping wet. Her stuffed animal pal "Rocky", was drenched. To make matters worse, she woke up the next day with a cold. As I cared for her, I noticed all the stuffed animals in her room taking up space. Many were toys that transform to serve as stuffed animals or pillows. If only "Rocky" could convert into a jacket or poncho, then she could've stayed dry, and avoided becoming sick. So, I decided to develop the concept of PonchoPalz. After reaching out to some creative friends, the PonchoPalz were born, a child's best bud and companion. I designed a stylish poncho, that can also be used as a pillowstuffed animal, & a backpack (4 uses in 1). Not only will children love their portable friends, but parents can rest easy, knowing they can confidently leave their homes, and our children will be safely guarded from nature's unexpected elements.